"Trial Exhibit Specialist"
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Expert Presentation Graphics
The Trial Exhibit Specialists at Travis Legalgraphics and litigation graphics needed
by the legal community on a regular basis, worldwide. They are experienced,
service-oriented people geared to meeting courtroom deadlines with quality,
efficiency, and economy.

Maximum Impact
Make your case stand out and come to life with life-size proportions. Enlarged
photographs, charts, graphs, and aerials are designed and produced to create
maximum impact. Today’s digital technology boom has changed the courtroom.
Compelling, large-format graphics are within reach of even the most modest budget
and are economically feasible and strategically necessary. Our graphic and
production expertise creates maximum impact for your visual presentations and
provides you with the confidence that comes from knowing the evidence in hand is
prepared with the precision that is necessary to prevail.

Quality Service
Our reputation for quality and service extends from initial problem-solving
consultation through production and delivery, all the way to post-delivery follow-up.
Our services are customized to accommodate the demanding needs of attorneys.  In
addition, our competitive pricing, consolidated billing, and extensive quality control
allow you the flexibility, economy, and detailed accuracy you expect and require.

We are dedicated to helping the legal profession improve the quality of visual
support used in the courtroom. Our extensive reprographic services include a wide
choice of materials, sizes, colors, and media.  We are always at your service in
providing trial exhibits and creative consultation: everything from simple copies to
detailed litigation booklets, reports, briefs, and depositions, as well as black and
white and color enlargements that can be color enhanced for emphasis.