About Us
From Travis
My goal and prayer through this business is to reflect the love of God and witness in such a way that we can
show the extra mile mentality in our service.  We also through financial support want to help other Christian
organizations who are like-minded in our community.

We also want the world to know Jesus Christ in a real loving way. To experience Him in a personal relationship

for here on this planet and in heaven were he is preparing a place for us who believe in his salvation.

Several years ago, I added the cross  to our logo for just this reason.  Then shortly after seeing the movie "The
Passion of Christ", I decided that the cross on our logo would always be red to remind us of the ultimate sacrifice
of his blood for the forgiveness of our sins.  I hope you have experienced this amazing grace and forgiveness.  

Jesus came to serve.  That is what we do here in this business.  Serve our customer well and while that will
always be a standard, we will pray God will bless you and draw you to know Him personally.  

From the heart of Travis Digital,

Travis Jolliff, Sr.

Gauge Talks About Us
We have moved away from the traditional, odorous blueprints that fade or bleed, and for over eleven years we
have been producing high-tech digital graphics for all types of professionals including architects; engineers,
builders; developers; government agencies; real estate, government, and ad agencies; and law firms.

Our success comes from the personal care every customer receives and the timely production of products with
exceptionally high quality.  We have a team of committed staff who always seek to provide only the best personal
service.  Our customer's success is our success.

Travis Digital is constantly searching for the latest technology and adding the most innovative state-of-the-art
equipment to its facilities in order to provide our customers the very best possible products and services for their

We thank God for all those who have chosen us to let us serve them, and we look forward to having you as our
next customer!

Travis Jolliff, Sr.
Travis Digital/Manager